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AL2500 X

AL2500 Elite X Breathalyzer

The AL2500 Elite X breathalyzer is a very easy to use hand held breathalyzer, similar in size to a small mobile phone. It is offered at a very competitive price and makes a great breathalyzer gift.

Unlike the older AL2500 breathalyzers it features a reusable, washable mouthpiece for added accuracy and a microcomputer controlled automatic test sequence with a 3 digit LCD display and audio cues. It offers improvements over older models due to flow check and error sensing technology - invaluable in achieving a reliable test result.

It is supplied with 2 x AAA batteries, 3 reusable mouthpieces and is light and convenient - easily stored in a pocket or handbag.

The breathalyzer is calibrated to the UK standard of mg/l but is fully useable in any country.

This breathalyzer is not suitable for employee screening or to customers requiring a highly accurate result but does make a great gift and will give a good indication of alcohol presence in a subject's breath sample.

If you require a breathalyser offering high degrees of accuracy then consult our help me choose guide.

  • Compact
  • Ideal Party,Fun,Leisure unit
  • Great Gift


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