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AL7000 AlcoScan Pro

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AL7000 AlcoScan Pro Breathalyzer



AL7000 AlcoScan Pro Breathalyzer

This has now been replaced by the new CA20 Pro breathalyzer - higher accuracy and reliability. Click on image above.

The AL7000 AlcoScan Full Pro Hard Pack is a brand new product for Breathalyzer Solutions that promises the very best in cutting edge semi- conductor sensor technology and sleek, attractive design.

This great new addition to our range now features a smart hard professional carry case with protective foam internal padding.

AL7000 Full Pro Kit

This is the only model available in the world that features Click In/Out sensor replacement as well as a highly accurate, clear, easy to read, 3 decimal place LCD display. The very best in build quality and reliability is on offer.

We only sell the Alcoscan Pro model which includes the hard pro carry case, soft protective pouch, 15 free mouthpieces, hand strap, in car power connector, full user guide and internal moulding for extra mouthpieces/spare sensor..

AL7000 Alcoscan Pro Showing Sleek, Stylish Lines

This model is also sold as the Alcomate Phoenix - same unit just different name and more expensive without the benefits of the pro testing pack extras. The Alcomate Phoenix is primarily sold to the US market.


AL7000 AlocoScan Pro Showing Sensor Access Door Open For Easy Sensor Change


When the AL7000 Premium requires calibration, simply click in a pre-calibrated sensor module. The breathalyzer is therefore always available, no down time for calibration. The breathalyzer comes with a precalibrated sensor already fitted and is ready for immediate use. Extra sensors may be purchased separately if required .

Numerous NHS Trusts have chosen this as their breathalyser of choice for casualty departments and alcohol and drug rehabilitation centres. However, if you are considering bulk random testing then you should consider the Alcovisor Mk X fuel cell breathalyser.


AL7000 Alcoscan Pro Showing Sleek, Stylish Lines


Order this month, and receive an extra 10 mouthpieces for free - total 15 mouthpieces with each order.

It features a very clear, LCD large digit display registering alcohol breath content to 3 decimal places.


AL7000 Alcoscan Pro Showing Clear 3 Decimal Place LCD Display


Breathalyser Specifications

Indication of BrAc


0.00 to 3.00 mg/litre % BrAC

Warm Up Time


Below 20 seconds

Response Time


Within 3 seconds

Recycle Time


10 seconds

Mouth Piece


5 x Mouthpieces



Highly Sensitive Semiconductor Oxide Sensor

Continuous using time without battery replacement


Over 300 tests

Power Supply


2 x AA Batteries Supplied



105g including batteries

Dimensions (mm)


137mm Height x 73mm Width x 44mm Depth



Battery Low Warning, Replaceable Click In/Out Sensor, Cumulative Test Counter, PRISM Technology,

Breathalyzer Ordering

12 Month Warranty

Same Day Dispatch

High Accuracy

Snap Out/Snap In Sensor

US Dept Of Transport Approved Breathalyzer FDA and CE Approved Breathalyzer Product Certified

AL6000 Pro Scan Breathalyzer Supplied To The NHS

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